Sarah is our CEO and does all the things expected of a CEO and much more; turning her hand to anything from meetings with the Duchy to guiding evening excursions to experience Scilly's Wildlife!

I came to Scilly in March 2013 to run the Trust after applying for, and being interviewed for, the post in November 2012. 

Before that, I worked in the senior team at Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust looking after the teams responsible for land management, community engagement and environmental education. 

I have worked in nature conservation for 20 years and knew I wanted to “save the planet” when I was 8 years old, inspired by the frogs, toads & slow worms in my garden, birds at my local gravel pit and a copy of David Attenborough’s “The Living Planet” (which I still have in my book collection!)

I can be contacted on [email protected] or @sarahmason_ios on Twitter

I love: The smell of the sea when watching the sun rise; it evokes so many feelings and memories for me

I am not a fan of: Brexit. I am not convinced it will be a good thing for any of us and particularly not for our natural world; I hope I am proved wrong!

My favourite place in Scilly: Toll’s Hill, St Mary’s. You have nearly a total East to West view; you can see the mainland and also my favourite beaches , Pelistry & Bar. And it is a stone’s throw from my home so I can visit at anytime, particularly for sunrise, my favourite time of the day.

The animal I would most like to see in the wild: A Wallcreeper, which is a type of bird; they look spectacularly colourful but small (all the best things are small!)