Rob has lived on the islands for many years and has had number of jobs, including Post Man and Luggage Handler at the local airport; he's been with the Trust for a number of years now and leads the Ranger Team "out in the field".

I first came to Scilly, after studying Countryside Management at Brackenhurst College Nottingham, to work for the Trust as a Volunteer Warden. It was a three month placement, but I stayed for seven, and I soon realised that this was where I wanted to live.

As many people do who want to live on Scilly I ended up doing a few different jobs, a Postman; then a Firefighter at the airport before becoming a Ranger for the Trust; along side this I’m also a Firefighter for the retained Fire Service.

I’ve always loved the outdoors and I’m never happier than when out on one of the Island’s coast paths either running or exploring with the family and enjoying the nature.

I Love: Cheese

I Hate: Marmite

My favourite places in Scilly: (Well one of them!) Must be sitting on the end of Toll’s island looking out to sea dolphin spotting.

The animal I’d most like to see in the wild:  Orcas.  To get the chance to watch Orcas from a sea kayak.