Size: 6.26 hectares

% of total area of SSSI's: 1.54%

Designated features: Saline coastal lagoon

General Description

Situated on the west side of Bryher, Pool of Bryher is the only true brackish lagoon within Scilly, being separated from the sea by only a narrow and very mobile storm beach (backed by a small dune system). The pool supports a population of Beaked Tasselweed and Sea-milkwort. Around its edges Saltmarsh Rush is abundant, along with Lesser Sea-spurrey and Red Goosefoot. Little Pool, a smaller pond to the north, supports Lesser Marshwort and Brackish Water-crowfoot, along with Lesser Spearwort and Marsh Pennywort.

The dune system behind the storm beach is dominated by Marram, which is backed by a small area of dune grassland with Sand Sedge, Red Fescue, Buck’s-horn Plantain, Thrift and Wild Carrot all present. Within the short sward the nationally rare Early Meadow-grass occurs.

Practical Management

To prevent the loss of diversity of dune plants within the small dune system at Popplestone Bank, invasive species such as European Gorse and Bramble, which would otherwise dominate the vegetation, have been removed. To maintain and enhance the dune grassland behind the dunes we have worked in conjunction with local farmer, Graham Eggins of Hillside Farm, to graze the site during spring and late summer to maintain the right conditions for these maritime species and to remove patches of Hottentot Fig, which has arrived since severe storms in 2014. The pools are monitored and control of species such as Greater Reedmace is carried out as and when required to prevent this species outcompeting the wetland plants