Over 50% of Scilly is looked after by the Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust; that means nature has space to thrive!

Space for nature means space for people too....the land is open for all to enjoy

678 hectares actively managed for nature and people

  • Rare plant species continue to increase as a result of our practical management:
    • Bog pimpernel (locally rare) has returned to Higher Moors SSSI after 68 years of absence
    • Bog Stitchwort (locally rare) has returned to Higher Moors SSSI after 18 years of absence
    • Tubular water dropwort (vulnerable & rapidly declining in the UK) has increased by over 2000% this year
  • Over 40,000 metres of paths cut to allow access across the Islands (2019)
  • Ecological monitoring is taking place across the Islands to ensure we are measuring our impact effectively
  • 45 "stargazing" Manx shearwater chicks on St Agnes & Gugh (2019)
  • 100 metres of recycled plastic boardwalk installed to improve access at Higher Moors (2019)
  • 44 nationally important Scheduled Ancient Monuments protected
  • Over 5 hectares of heathland and wetland cleared of invasive plant species to allow wild flowers to thrive
  • We have helped 13 homeowners with ecological appraisals of their developments; protecting bats within the planning system
  • 5 new bat roosts havebeen confirmed on the islands along with a new species for Scilly (Leisler's bat)
  • A second year of hydrological monitoring has been completed at Lower Moors SSSI which has identified issues which were negatively affecting the SSSI; the data collected will help to inform future management ensuring that biodiversity is protected and enhanced and sustainable water quality targets are achieved.

Over 3000 people attending our events and activities

  • Weekly Wildlife Safaris in partnership with St Agnes Boating
  • Beach-cleaning events removed over 3 tonnes of marine debris from our coastlines (2019)
  • Family fun with weekly beachcombing, rockpooling and wildlife walks during the visitor season
  • Local school children are engaged regularly in our work to safeguard the natural environment
  • 5 Beach clean boards are in place across the islands in partnership with local businesses
  • 2 trial Beach clean bins have been installed for recycling of marine plastics

We run the Plastic Free Scilly campaign, helping our community reduce the amount of single use plastics which are used and disposed of in the Islands. And in tandem, the ReFill Scilly initiative promoting the use of tap water over purchase of single use plastic bottles.  


We also organise the Great Scilly Spring Clean each year and facilitate beach cleans across the Islands