Nikki joined the Trust as our Communications Officer in September 2015 in order to promote and raise awareness of the work that the Trust is doing across the Islands and beyond.

My family have lived in Scilly for many generations and I feel privileged to have such a deep rooted history within the Islands and to call myself a Scillonian.  I've always had an interest in the natural world, the sea (wanting to be a Marine Biologist when I was younger), my family history and the history of the Islands.  I am keen to help preserve that history and heritage for future generations, learn more and pass that knowledge on.

Like many young people from Scilly I left home at 16 to attend College and then University on the Mainland; following completion of A Levels and a BSc in Psychology I remained on the Mainland for a further 10 years in order to continue my education and gain work experience.  I completed further qualifications in Web Design, Photography, Childcare and Information, Advice and Guidance and my dreams of becoming a Marine Biologist were overshadowed by other interests and opportunities. 

Despite being on the Mainland for nearly 15 years Scilly has always been my home and I took every opportunity possible to return, coming home as often as holidays and funds would permit.  I eventually managed to return to the Islands permanently, after ever increasing short and then longer breaks home, in 2011.  Now I'm back I wonder what madness made me stay away so long!

I have previously worked primarily in Education and Health & Social Care and hope that the skills I have learnt in these fields combined with my keen love of nature and all things Scilly will assist me in my role.

I love to be out doors and in my spare time I spend many hours walking and taking photographs (often with no shoes on!).  

There is something magical about Scilly, its wildlife, its history, it's scenery, the way of life and the Wildlife Trust helps to ensure that this is protected and accessible to all, both residents and visitors.

It's really difficult to say what I like the most about my current role as there are so many things; everyday is different and there's always something new to learn!

I love:  Marine debris.  I love to carry out beachcleans and discover where marine debris (whether organic or man-made) has come from; from Lego Lost at Sea, Smartie Lids on the Beach, the Flotsam Ark or Army, Sea Beans, strange stranded animals or American/Canadian Lobster Trap Tag tracking.

I hate:  Man-made Marine debris; as much as I love to do a bit of beachcombing detective work I also hate that there is so much debris in our oceans and the damage it causes our wildlife (and Crane Flies, they really freak me out!)

My favourite place in Scilly: Porth Hellick, my childhood playground, or Samson, because of our family history.

The animal I'd most like to see in the wild: Sooooo hard, there's so many!  I guess Penguins would be near the top of the list (which will be no surprise to my colleagues!)  The other animal is a full grown Ocean Sunfish (huge!) or a Narwhal (a real life unicorn).