We are incredibly pleased that, thanks to a grant from the Halpin Trust, we have been able to enlist the support of Marie and her Team at Two Green Magpies for a 12 month period.  Here's a little bit about Marie and her work.

After moving to Cornwall in 2003 to follow our dreams, I started to volunteer for Cornwall Wildlife Trust. I worked on reception, entered wildlife records and did pretty much anything that allowed me to understand how the charity worked and why it existed. In 2005 I was offered the role of Press and Admin Officer. Soon after I became the Marketing and Fundraising Manager and later Head of Marketing and Fundraising. During this time, I absorbed as much knowledge as I could from colleagues at Cornwall and other Wildlife Trusts. I also started to build my empire, an incredible team of unbelievably talented and committed people. Fourteen years and two children later, I decided to leave Cornwall Wildlife Trust to start my own business, Two Green Magpies. This was in March 2019. Since then, Jasmin Appleby and Serena Pettigrew-Jolly have both come on board to support the work of Two Green Magpies as we expand into different sectors.

Two Green Magpies exists to work with charities and small businesses to help them grow. We offer a variety of marketing, fundraising and revenue generation services. Our values include being ethical, friendly, honest, straight talking and most importantly, we use no jargon. We want to help those smaller organisations who don’t have a department for everything to realise how brilliant they are and to support them to achieve even more.

I consider myself the luckiest person in the world having the Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust as my first Two Green Magpies client. We are working with the Trust to support them in their journey to become more financially sustainable. And we’re loving every minute of it!

I love:  Apart from chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, I love gardening; and I mean the proper get down on your hands and knees getting stuck in gardening.  There’s nothing better than the smell of soil and the sight of a Robin following you round the garden.

 I hate:  Bedding plants (annual waste of plastic), ironing and horror films. 

My favourite place in Scilly is:  There is a beautiful small front garden on St Mary’s that I used to walk by, when walking from the airport into town. It’s a quintessential cottage garden and I can’t help but be inspired whenever I see it.

The animal I would like to see most in the wild:  A sloth. They are such fascinating creatures; how they turn green from algae which then attracts moths to feed on it. A (slowly) walking habitat!