Much of Scilly is open to all but there are some areas that we request people do not visit to make space for nature; please respect our wildlife and the restrictions in place.

There are no "Rights of Way" or "Footpaths" in Scilly; all paths run through someone's Freehold property or tenanted land and as such are permissive.  To find out more take a look at this article previously written for Scilly Now & Then

The map below details where access restrictions are in place for some or all of the year; either for the benefit of breeding seabirds, pupping Atlantic grey seals, or just to give nature a space to thrive without human disturbance. 

Please remember that our wildlife is just that, "wild", and as such mobile.  Seals & Seabirds are not necessarily au fait with the boundaries identified below; they can and do use areas outside of the more common locations indicated in our map.  Consequently it is really important that you are aware of signs of disturbance and modify your behaviour, both on land and at sea, accordingly.   

Wild camping is not permitted anywhere, including the uninhabited islands. This is because of the risk of fire, disturbance to wildlife, damage to archaeological features & littering.  Whilst we accept true wild campers will not leave a trace, we do not believe that everyone understands this concept and so we ask people not to wild camp in Scilly, to respect and protect our wonderful landscapes and wildlife.

Please adhere to these restrictions so that future generations can continue to enjoy the wild nature of Scilly.