Lydia joined the Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust in May 2022. Her role is part of a UK-wide ambition from The Wildlife Trusts to bring communities closer to nature, initially funded by National Lottery Heritage Fund. She will be helping individuals, families, businesses, land managers and more make room for wildlife.

I first arrived on the islands for a holiday in spring 2021 and never left! During my time on Scilly, I have worked in hospitality and on a flower bunching line. I have also volunteered for the Trust with the rangers and for the RSPB on Round Island.

My background is in biology, and I went on to study further in ecology. I began work as an ecological consultant, but I soon realised that it wasn’t for me. I travelled and worked in Guatemala and Peru, where I realised community participation in conservation is vital to longevity and success. 

I will be bringing my passion for community conservation to my role as the Nextdoor Nature Officer where I work with the community and listen to what projects they want to develop - a very exciting opportunity.

I love: Sunsets

I hate: Jam

My favourite place in Scilly: Watching a sunset on the garrison

The animal I would most like to see in the wild: Manatees