Jaclyn Pearson joined the Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust as our Development Manager in May 2022. She manages the fundraising and people engagement team, so together we can all continue to do our best for the wildlife we adore on Scilly.

Jaclyn first visited the islands back in 2009 to volunteer for the Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust and quickly returned to make the islands her home. She has worked for RSPB, in partnership with the Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust and communities on Scilly, to manage the successful Isles of Scilly Seabird Recovery Project: removing rats from St Agnes and Gugh in 2013 to protect Manx shearwaters and storm petrels.

Passionate about ensuring community engagement is at the heart of wildlife conservation, she spent two years in Australia 2017-2019 assisting the Lord Howe Island community during the LHI Rodent Eradication Project to protect endemic species, including the world’s rarest insect, the Lord Howe stick insect!

I love: seabirds, seals, cetaceans and Jon Bon Jovi.

I hate: the taste of many root vegetables

My favourite place in Scilly: Wingletang, St Agnes, for the Manx shearwater burrows and the rugged landscape.

The animal I would like to see in the wild:  There are too many to mention, but I’ll go for… tigers please.