Hedgehogs are a relatively new addition to Island life (being introduced to St Mary's in the 1980's) and in contrast to their Mainland cousins, who are sadly in decline, our 'hogs appear to be doing well on their diet of Scillonian slugs, snails and sandhoppers.

On occasion they do need a little assistance and our 'hogs are lucky to have Hedgehog Fairy Godmother Ro Bennett on hand to help them out.

Signs that a Hedgehog is not well:

  • If you find a Hedgehog out and about during daylight hours it is likely to be unwell.  Hedgehogs are nocturnal and should not be seen active during the day.  
  • If you find a small Hedgehog in the run up to, or during, the colder winter months it is likely to need some assistance.  Hedgehogs hibernate, although it is not uncommon to find active Hedgehogs during the winter in Scilly due to our mild climate.  However, in order to survive the winter a Hedgehog needs to be a healthy size/weight.

If you find a Hedgehog and you think it needs a little TLC then do get hold of Ro for advice or assistance; you can also follow her prickly adventures through her Scilly Hedgehogs FaceBook Page:

  • Telephone:  01720 422681
  • Mobile: 07979 861609

If you would like to know more information about these charismatic creatures then head on over to our "Scilly's Special Species" Page