Golden hair lichen (Teloschistes flavicans) is know to be incredibly sensitive to sulphur dioxide air pollution and is now only found in south-west England and the coast of Wales in the UK.

Golden hair lichen can be saxicolous (grow on rocks), terricolous (grow on the ground) or epiphytic (grow on trees).  In the past it was epiphytic in many of its inland sites, with a love for old orchards, hedgerow trees and elms in particular. 

On the Mainland loss of suitable habitat, orchards and hedgerows; Elms as a result of Dutch Elm disease, means that it is now mainly a lichen of windy clifftops,and is classed as vulnerable and nationally scarce.   

However, here in Scilly we still have old orchards and Elm trees, as Dutch Elm disease hasn't made it this far, as well as an abundance of granite and windy cliff tops.