• Name: Common Eelgrass | Zostera marina
  • Size: 1.2 cm wide and may reach over 1 metre long
  • Life span: Eelgrass is a perennial plant (lives for more than two years), but it may grow as an annual (completing its life cycle within one growing season)  
  • Diet: Sunshine (being a plant it uses photosynthesis to produce food)
  • Reproduction: Seagrass reproduces vegetatively, i.e. by the growth of rhizome and also through seeds
  • When to see: Throughout the year (January to December)
  • Where to see: Sheltered bays and beaches i.e. Town Beach/Harbour, St Mary's | Higher Town Bay, St Martins | Carn Near, Tresco in Scilly.  (Help us with mapping by logging your finds via the Seagrass Spotter App!) 
  • Conservation status: ICUN Redlist | Least Concern.
  • Population Trend: Decreasing
  • Threats:  Human activity (i.e. dredging, trawling, anchoring/mooring boats), pollution, climate change (changes in weather patterns, changing sea temperatures). 
  • Fun Fact: Seagrass can absorb carbon up to 35x faster than Amazonian rainforest!

Description: Common Eelgrass is a flowering plant, not a seaweed (despite growing under the sea), and as the name suggests is grass-like in appearance; having green, long, ribbon-shaped leaves with rounded tips. 

The visible green ribbons grow from a creeping rhizome (mat-like roots that hold-fast) binding the fine gravel and sand beneath the leaves, allowing the formation of large underwater Eelgrass meadows in sheltered bays and inlets.

Eelgrass meadows (or beds) support a diverse range of other flora and fauna, acting as a nursery for fish and shellfish.

Globally, estimates suggest we lose an area of Seagrass around the same size as two football pitches every hour!

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With thanks to Paul Naylor for the Underwater Eelgrass bed image