BDMLR have a team of trained Marine Mammal Medics in Scilly that can respond to a live stranding.

If you see a live stranded marine animal on our coastline please call BDMLR for advice.

01825 765 546 (office hours) or 07787 433412 (at other times)

Please note:

  • the location;
  • the state of the tide;
  • any injuries you can see without getting close.

For your own safety - and that of the animal - please adhere to the following:

  • keep people and dogs away;
  • do not attempt to put/or chase the animal back into the sea;
  • do not pour water over it (in the case of cetaceans this could enter the blowhole, the hole on top of its head through which it breathes and cause further harm);
  • do not touch the animal as it may carry diseases that you could catch;
  • avoid breathing in over the blowhole of cetaceans as an animals breath may contain harmful bacteria.

BDMLR Volunteer Medics are trained to assist Seals, Cetaceans (Whales & Dolphins) and Turtles, but can also help in other situations which involve live marine animals too.  If you are unsure whether BDMLR can assist, just give them a ring and speak to one of their team.