Our Wetland sites are beautiful.  

Our Rangers are working hard to keep them that way and to ensure that those who want to enjoy being with nature, can.

Thanks to significant funding from the Peter O'Sullevan Charitable Trust our small charity has managed to secure most of the materials required to assist us with this.

The Rangers are replacing old wooden, rotten boardwalks and bridges, with new (or should that be not new?), recycled plastic boardwalk.

The plastics used are end of life plastics that are not longer "fit" for recycling, so they are ordinarily down-cycled, or sent to landfill. 

Each 1m of board walk contains the equivalent of 1000 plastic bottles. With more than 205m already installed and a further 400m planned that's the equivalent of 605,000 plastic bottles diverted from landfill! If you would like to know more about them then just check out our blog "Board walks and bridges and access to nature..."

But our Rangers need your help!

The recycled plastic board walk is not cheap. As a small charity with limited resources it is our intention that this huge investment into our nature sites will not only make them look nice and safer (for wildlife and people), but also reduce maintenance costs and the amount of Ranger time spent fixing and repairing old rotten wooden board walk. We need regular donations to help us pay for the rest of this work on our wetlands.

Together we can ensure that our nature sites are places that you, and future generations, can go to to just "be" with nature. 

If you value spending time in our wetland sites then help us to ensure that you can continue to immerse yourself in nature.

By making a donation you can support us to purchase the remaining materials needed and also ensure that the installation work, by our Rangers, is ongoing.