We know that we don't have to tell you that Scilly is a haven for wildlife. 

What you may not be so aware of is the amount of work that goes in to ensuring our Islands remain that safe haven; whether for resident, migratory or even slightly lost or off course species.

Due to our location we are at the mercy of the weather and sea; regularly pummelled by the long and lazy Atlantic swells or ferocious storms. With huge seas come "gifts" from all over the world, some organic like Drift Seeds or unusual Jellyfish, but much is man-made and a hazard to our wildlife; from balloons to plastic bottles, ghost fishing gear to fridges. The sea brings us almost anything you can imagine. We need donations to help us clear this marine debris.

Marine Debris

Each year we organise and carry out a huge number of beach cleans, kicking off with the "Great Scilly Spring Clean", which usually takes place in March; cleans then continue throughout the year. 

During our 2018 "Great Scilly Spring Clean" we removed just over 2.5 tonnes (yes, TONNES!) of marine debris from our beaches and coastline in just two days; much of this being single use plastic items or fishing gear, with the furthest travelled piece tracked from Maine, USA.  

In addition to this when our Ranger Team visit our uninhabited Islands they always return with more than they went with; carrying out marine debris, as and when they can. Your donation will help to pay for this work.

As a team we actively promote #2MinuteBeachCleans, Take 3 and Paws on Plastic and if you attend one of our events we will invariably have you collecting marine debris before you can turn around three times and touch your toes!  

Any man-made object, especially plastics and fishing gear pose a huge threat to our wildlife whether on land or at sea. 

During your travels around our Islands you may see one of our nationally important Atlantic grey seals bearing the scars of man-made debris; sadly once they have become entangled there is very little that we can do for them, unless they haul up on an accessible beach and can be caught. 

Therefore, our next best course of action is to prevent it from happening in the first place by removing as much of what washes ashore as we can! This is why we need regular donations.

The task is never ending and it can be incredibly overwhelming for our small team; but we do not become downhearted and we are never deterred.   

We enlist the help and support of a number of other community groups (such as the Marine Conservation Society, Odyssey Innovation, Clean Ocean Sailing, U3A, WI) and individuals to ensure that we get the job done and that we do the best we can.

You can help too!  Your donations will support the continuance of this valuable work; allowing us to collect and remove marine debris on a regular basis and ensure that it is disposed of correctly and recycled where possible.