There is not just a climate emergency; but an ecological emergency too. And the evidence is clear that we must increase the speed with which we are bringing back nature in our land and seas if we are to prevent ecological breakdown.

Environment, society economy pyramid

And whilst we are reducing our carbon footprint on the journey to becoming carbon neutral, evidence shows that we must radically accelerate progress on this and other pressures if we are to avert climate and ecological breakdown. Nature must be at the core of our response – going beyond decarbonising our energy systems by growing nature to help us reduce the risks, draw down carbon and adapt.

Environmental Growth Strategy 2020-2065

Our Environmental Growth Strategy provides a long-term framework for Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly to not just conserve, but to grow nature. Environmental growth is about not just protecting but also enhancing nature – ensuring that there is more of it, and that it is bigger, better, more diverse and more joined up.

For more information take a look at the Cornwall & Isles of Scilly Environmental Growth Strategy Webpage.