Citizen science is scientific research conducted, in whole or in part, by people interested in a subject and amateur scientists.  Citizen science is a fantastic way of helping advance scientific research by improving the scientific communities capacity, as well as increasing your own knowledge and understanding.

SeagrassSpotter is a global recording scheme run by the Project Seagrass to record and monitor the presence and abundance of Seagrass around the world.  With SeagrassSpotter, ocean enthusiasts around the world can become citizen scientists contributing to marine conservation with just a few taps of your phone.

Some important scientific breakthroughs have been made with Seagrass in recent years, but they remain incredibly threatened and are still under-appreciated globally.

Anyone can become a "SeagrassSpotter" – all you need to do is download the App and follow the onscreen instructions; no previous knowledge is required as the App even walks you through Seagrass ID!

This is an ideal activity for those who live in, or are just visiting, Scilly; encouraging exploration of our marine environment whilst also helping us find out more about our awesome Seagrass meadows

Want to know more about why Seagrass is so important?  Check out our Blog "Scilly's Magical Meadows"

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