Citizen science is scientific research conducted, in whole or in part, by people interested in a subject and amateur scientists.  Citizen science is a fantastic way of helping advance scientific research by improving the scientific communities capacity, as well as increasing your own knowledge and understanding.

Nurdles hunts are fun and taking part is easy! Whether you've got 5 minutes or allll day you can contribute to something bigger by making sure you log your finds at

The Great Global Nurdle Hunt 2021 runs from 1st - 31st October but in reality you can hunt and record Nurdles at any time of the year!

"Nurdles are small plastic pellets about the size of a lentil. Countless billion are used each year to make nearly all our plastic products but many end up washing up on our shores. 

Like other plastics, Nurdles can be mistaken for food by marine wildlife like seabirds, fish, and crustaceans.

Once polluting our environment, they can pose a threat to these creatures and habitats for years to come.

This is because Nurdles are tiny, persistent and potentially toxic. Due to their size, and often clear colour, Nurdles can look like fish eggs or other small animals which makes them particularly attractive to seabirds, fish and other marine wildlife." ~

Anyone can become a "Nurdle Hunter" – all you need to do is visit the Nurdle Hunt Website, take a look at their "How to take part" page, hunt Nurdles and submit your findings online!

This is an ideal activity for those who live in, or are just visiting, Scilly; encouraging exploration of our marine environment whilst also helping us to keep our beaches clean and monitor levels of Nurdle pollution!

Do remember that we rely on donations to continue our work.  If you have searched, found and learned about Scilly's wildlife on our website, or found an activity which you've enjoyed, please Support Us and give what you can.  Thank you đź’š


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