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Wildlife of Scilly

The wildlife of the Isles of Scilly is incredibly varied. If you're interested in things that fly, grow, swim, are rare, unique, bizarre or beautiful there is so much here for you to see.

The Isles of Scilly are drawn on a small scale, and some of the most important plants and creatures in Scilly are tiny wonders, like the Dwarf pansy and Red-barbed ant (or St. Martin's ant). The 'Scillly shrew' and the chestnut coloured 'Scilly bee' are unique small scale products of the islands. Some of these and others, including the Least and Lesser adders tongue fern, are some of the UK's rarest species.Scilly shrew, photograph by Ben Lascelles

There are rare birds, tame birds and seabirds. In the marine environment we have fascinating boulder shores, seagrass meadows and colourful rocky reefs.

Bottlenose dolphin, St. Mary's sound, photograph by Robin Mawer

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