The Love Keeps Growing ~ Charity Auction

Friday 3rd March 2017

Rowesfield Cottage, Tresco ~ where the lucky winner will stay Rowesfield Cottage, Tresco ~ where the lucky winner will stay

Valentine’s Day saw something pretty special happen in Scilly; Tresco Island opened the bidding on their holiday auction, announcing that all proceeds from the winning bid would be donated to the Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust!

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Outstanding News!

Tuesday 1st December 2015

Sunrise at Higher Moors ~ © Ed MarshallSunrise at Higher Moors ~ © Ed Marshall

Protection for AONB Funding confirmed in Autumn Statement.

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Leave nothing but Footprints....

Tuesday 22nd September 2015

Footprints in the Sand Footprints in the Sand ~ © BareFoot Photographer/Nikki Banfield

Our Islands, being surrounded by water as they are, acquire lots of flotsam and jetsam (less poetically known as rubbish) washed and blown up on our beaches and around our coastlines; especially during the storms. But it's often not until you really start looking that you realise how much of it there actually is!

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