Brown-lipped snail

Cepaea nemoralis


The brown-lipped snail is a common terrestrial snail in Britain. It can be distinguished from the similar white-lipped snail by the brown band around the opening of the shell. 

Aside from the brown banding, the colour of the shell can vary greatly between snails, from very light to very dark. This polymorphism is thought to be contributed to by camouflage but there is no definite answer. 

This snail lives in a variety of habitats, including gardens, hedgerows, woodlands and grasslands. 

How to identify

This species is polymorphic, so the colour of the shell varies between snails. They can be identified by the brown branding around the lip of the shell.

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When to find it

  • January
  • February
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Species information

Common name
Brown-lipped snail
Latin name
Cepaea nemoralis
Snails and slugs
20-24mm wide
Conservation status