Plants and lichens

Scilly has a special mix of native and non-native plants that flourish in the warm climate and give an exotic flavour to the scenery but in some cases threaten native habitats.

With wild spaces and cultivated fields the plant life of Scilly is incredibly interesting.  Some plants are found nowhere else in Britain, whilst others are rare on the mainland but common in Scilly. Dutch elm disease did not reach the Islands, and Elm groves can be found. The plants that are non-native have been introduced from abroad or have escaped from cultivation and flourish in the warm climate.

The poor acidic soil and strength of the wind means on Scilly's heathalnds only the small can flourish and some of the rarest plants are also the tiniest such as the Least and Lesser Adders tongue ferns, Dwarf pansy and Orange birdsfoot.

Mosses, Liverworts, and Lichens


Trees and Shrubs