David Ivell

David Ivell ~ TrusteeDavid Ivell ~ Trustee

David was elected to the Board by Members at our 2017 AGM and is one of our Mainland Trustees.  To find out a little more about him read on...

David has held IT Director positions in a number of organisations that include IBM and Credit Suisse as well as a number of charities including The British Film Institute and The Royal Botanic Gardens Kew. David is currently the Chief Information Officer(CIO) for the Prince’s Trust.

In each of these charities David has been actively involved in fundraising, governance and strategic leadership with particular involvement in audit and risk focussing particularly on operational risk.

In his current role at The Prince’s Trust he is responsible for organisational growth, working with the Board of Trustees on strategic development, fundraising and innovation.

David lives in Launceston and has a love of the natural world in both its beauty and the science behind it.