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The Isles of Scilly Bat Group actively carries out work to contribute to ongoing research in this area. The plan for research work in 2015 is as follows:

  • Routine observations at the Maypole Farm roost will continue.
  • Search for roost near Rosehill to continue with dawn surveys conducted from Harry’s Walls starting in April.
  • Further observations with Songmeter to be continued on Bryher
  • Continue NBMP observations on St Mary’s
  • Tresco: continue NBMP observations and enlist help from residents who have a roost on their property; continue to work with Lotty Packman when she visits.
  • Continue general searches for more roosts.
  • Continue to encourage people to send in bat observations, emphasizing need for details of date/time/location/weather conditions. The meeting on Improving Biological Recording in July should inform this work.
  • Continue monthly bat walks on St Mary’s April-September and encourage walks on Tresco, Bryher and St Martins where possible.
  • Continue to monitor bat boxes and erect new ones where it is thought to be useful
  • Collaborate with Steve Marshall in new a programme of bat monitoring, using updated equipment.

These items will be updated regularly as they develop.

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