House Sparrow

Passer domesticus

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One of the most instantly recognisable birds you'll find, the house sparrow can be seen in good numbers across the islands, and will always come for a closer look if you happen to be enjoying your lunch.

Though many may not realise, house sparrow populations have undergone severe decline over the last century, making them a "red status" bird. On Scilly, they seem to be as numerous as ever, most likely taking advantage of the abundance of food that is on offer from obliging visitors. Whether it's bits of pasty or bread crumbs, they'll help you finish your meal.

During the summer, you may also see what might look like a house sparrow with unusual plumage. Don't get too excited though, as these orange-crowned sparrows have simply been feeding on the nectar in some of the flowering plants, ending up coated in pollen around their head!


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