Rhianna Pearce

Rhianna Pearce Profile PictureRhianna Pearce

From the hustle and bustle of London, to the quiet Isles of Scilly, Rhianna originally joined us on a 12 month placement in 2015. Rhianna returned to us earlier this year, in 2017, after a successful application and interview for a full-time Ranger position.

Rhianna completed a degree in Wildlife Conservation at Nottingham Trent University and travelled to Scilly to be a volunteer Ranger for the Wildlife Trust as part of her placement year.

On completion of her placement with us, in 2015, Rhianna returned to the Mainland and continued her studies at Pembrokeshire College, completing a Level 2 qualification in Environmental Conservation and securing a work placement with the National Trust and then employment with the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority.

We think it's fantastic that Rhianna chose to return to where her career in conservation started out; we obviously didn't scare her off completely the first time around!