Otillo Swimrun World Series Comes To Scilly

Thursday 9th June 2016

Pendrathen across to St Martin's ~ © BareFoot PhotographerPendrathen across to St Martin's ~ © BareFoot Photographer

Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust Head Ranger, Darren Mason, has been working closely with Race Director and Founder of Swimrun, Mats Skott, in order to finalise the Otillo Swimrun World Series race route in Scilly.

We are extremely happy to be able to organise a race on the Isles of Scilly as we are aiming to find locations that are very unique ~ Mats

Darren & Mats have been liaising regularly over the proposed route since the beginning of April, in order to ensure that the competitors are challenged by the course and that our wildlife isn’t.

The route has been “tweaked” over the past two months in order to avoid the main seabird nesting areas and areas where Island delicacies such as the Dwarf pansy and Orange birds-foot grow, but Darren & Mats task is now complete and the final route has been published.

With just over a week to go Mats Skott, Race Director and Founder of Swimrun stated “The nature on the Isles is stunning and we are very happy to work closely with the Wildlife Trust to be able to show all the participants the beauty of the islands without interfering with the wildlife.”

The Scilly race will see Swimrun competitors covering a distance of 37500m (29975m trail running and 7525m swimming) over four of the inhabited Islands and a number of the uninhabited Islands.

Competitors will start on St Mary’s then follow the route to Tresco, Samson, Bryher, back to Tresco, Northwethal, St Helen’s, Tean and St Martin’s before returning back to St Mary’s to finish.

Out of the 200 participants, 100 teams, only one team from Scilly is entered to take part; Wildlife Trust Ranger, Rob Carrier, and B&B owner and Adventure Scilly founder, Bryony Lishman. I caught up with Rob to find out more!

Rob explained that prior to the announcement that the Otillo Swimrun World Series was coming to Scilly he'd not heard about the event but as soon as he heard about the plans he was keen to take part.

Rob continued that he and Bryony have teamed up and to the best of his knowledge they are the only local team taking part, which they are really excited about.  They know that many of the teams who compete in the Otillo events are "professionals" who take the competition very seriously; Rob added that their mantra at the moment, with just a week to go, is definitely "to complete, not compete".

Rob went on to share that his main concern about the event (apart from the running and the swimming!) is the weather.  If the weather is good Rob feels that the event is a fantastic opportunity to showcase the Islands' wildlife and scenery; adding, a little tongue in cheek, that he and Bryony could potentially use this to their advantage as it could distract the other teams allowing him and Bryony to gain a few places in the rankings.  However, if the weather isn't great it could really slow them down and make the swimming sections of the event particularly hard work.   

Personally, I really admire them for giving it a go and will be rooting for them on the day.

So, if you're out and about on any of the Islands, or on the water, on Saturday 18th June keep your eyes open for Rob and Bryony running or swimming along; make sure you give them a cheer and a shout of encouragement!

Go Team Scilly we'll see you on the finsih line! 

To find out more about the Otillo Swimrun Scilly event check out their website ----> Otillo Swimrun from hear you can also find out about the Otillo Swimrun World Series and other events that are taking place in their calendar this year

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