Boardwalk and Bike Parking Bay

Tuesday 5th May 2015

Over the last week, the Ranger Team have been very busy finishing off placing new boardwalk at Lower Moors as well as installing new gates and bike parking facilities at Higher Moors.


Thanks to the funding provided through the Isles of Scilly AONB, we hope that everyone can now enjoy the improved facilities at both Lower and Higher Moors.


The new and improved boardwalk on Lower Moors looks great, and makes getting over a particularly boggy area much easier. In the coming years, we will be installing more boardwalk at both sites to improve the access even more (subject to funding) We hope that you also make use of the new bicycle parking bay at the Holy Vale entrance to Higher Moors. Please note that this parking bay is for bicycles only!  We will be providing some bike racks to make it easier, later in the year.


We would also like to thank those of you who expressed your thanks to the team when they were out working hard, your support really does make the difference!  Some visitors to Scilly particularly liked the fact that the boardwalk is made from recycled plastic with a much longer life than that of the previous timber walkway.

Hats off to everyone involved for getting the job done!