Carn Leh Clearance

Thursday 4th December 2014

Carn Leh has been cleared of invasive pittisporum, bracken & bramble recently, by our Ranger Team. This will ensure that the Carn and surrounding area will be managed to support a wider variety of native flora and fauna.


If you were walking near Old Town Bay in November 2014, then you may have noticed something different about Carn Leh. Our Ranger Team have removed all of the invasive pittisporum that has been growing over the Carn, and it has since been grazed by the cattle of neighbouring Peninnis Farm, thanks to John & Dan May. It is hoped that this landscape management will encourage native wild flowers and grasses to flourish, which will in turn support insects and bird species.  This is the first time Carn Leh has been cleared and then grazed for many years; old black & white photographs show cattle grazing the carn over 50 years ago. 



The Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust controls invasive species such as pittisporum, gorse, bracken, and bramble in this way with the aim of creating a mosaic of different habitats across the islands. But it isn't about removing these invasive species totally.  We maintain areas of these species too to create a balance of habitats. Bracken for example, provides cover for some ground nesting species of birds, and can act as a food plant for invertebrates. So our aim is not to simply remove it, but rather to control it so that it doesn't dominate and out-compete the native plants which are often more delicate.  Our management is all about getting the balance right for the maximum number of species to thrive.