360 audio visual tour

Panoramic view of Peninnis, Mike McFarlane

Immerse yourself in the Scillonian landscape with these beautiful 360 degree audio visual tours of the islands.

The award-winning photographer pedalled into Penzance and caught the Scillonian to create some 360 degree virtual, audio visual tours of Scilly to add to 91 other sites around the UK.

Mike was very happy to be one of the few photographers allowed on Annet, as his visit coincided with seabird researchers working there that year. Mike found Annet looking like pink frosting in a fantasy watercolour and also captured “Perfect panoramas” of Peninnis on his final night. Panoramas were also captured of Salakee down and Holy Vale on St. Mary’s, Shipman head on Bryher and the uninhabited island of Teän.


Visit St. Mary's

Panorama of Peninnis, Mike McFarlane

Visit some of Scilly's small islands

Annet pinks panorama, Mike McFarlane

Overall Mike McFarlane travelled over 5,000 miles by bike, photographing some of the UK's most amazing wild places and to showcase the work of the Wildlife Trust's Living Landscape schemes. 

You can view other UK ‘listening spins’ at The Wildlife Trusts’ website http://www.wildlifetrusts.org/360