Paula is the newest (?) member of our team, joining the Trust as our Finance & Operations Manager in January 2020.  Paula is however, a returning Team member, having previously worked at the Trust whilst living in Scilly.

How fortunate for me that technological advances have meant that I have been able to return to work for the Trust, having left when I relocated to Cornwall from the Islands back in 2016.  

My family and I lived on St Marys for nearly a decade and were fully appreciative of the special environment that we were able to call home.  Working for the Trust enables me to contribute my financial and managerial skills to a charity that does so much to ensure the Islands remain a special place not just for today, but for our future.


I love: To sit and watch the sea, I’ve always loved watching it express its range of moods which are so wide and varied

I hate:  Bullies, I believe its so much easier to treat others kindly, than to cause others hurt.

My favourite place in Scilly:  Would have to be Bar Point which during the quieter months in Scilly always felt like it belonged to my family!

The animal I’d most like to see in the wild:  For me this would have to be Gorillas, either species, I’ve been fascinated by them since childhood visits to our local zoo and watching Gorillas in the mist.