For media and communications enquiries, contact [email protected]. I work flexible part-time hours, and will endeavour to reply to you promptly.

Lucy joined the Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust in May 2022 as Communications Manager. She works flexibly part-time, overseeing different areas of communications including website, social media and our newsletters, media, supporting our marketing work and more. 

She is a wildlife storyteller and writer. Her first book, 365 Days Wild (William Collins, 2019) offers ways to make nature part of your life every day of the year. She has been a columnist for Birdwatch magazine for eight years and has written for BBC Wildlife, Birdwatching, British Birds, The I News and Seasons (Elliott & Thompson, 2016).

She has worked for wildlife organisations since she was 20 years old - charities, businesses, local government and freelance. She specialises in natural history, travel and tourism. For five years she worked as Communications Manager at the UK Wildlife Trusts office, and has since freelanced in communications with individual Wildlife Trusts around the country.

Lucy is a qualified BDMLR Marine Mammal Medic, so is often on call to assist with stranded whales and dolphins, and injured seals. She gives talks, particularly on 'Wally' the Walrus, who was seen on Scilly for six weeks in the summer of 2021.

Passionate about encouraging the next generation of nature conservationists, she co-founded the youth nature network, A Focus on Nature (AFON) in 2012. She loves to watch wildlife with her husband and daughter, particularly birds, whales and dolphins off the Isles of Scilly, and also along the Scottish coasts. She enjoys running and sea swimming.

She is regularly invited to take part in discussions, panels and talks around the UK, advocating for a natural health service, championing young people in nature and adding a different perspective to traditional and contemporary nature conservation topics.