We are incredibly pleased that, thanks to a grant from the Halpin Trust, we have been able to enlist the support of Marie and her Team at Two Green Magpies for a 12 month period.  Here's a little bit about Jasmin and her work.

Protecting nature and our environment has been really important to me from a young age. I didn’t know it at the time, but the weekend family walks in woods, over the moors and on the beaches of Cornwall gave me a passion for nature that has never left.

After studying a BSc in Applied Biology at Cardiff University, which included a year working at Kew Gardens, I knew I didn’t actually want to be a scientist! But instead I wanted to get involved in directly encouraging more people to love and protect our natural world. I quickly got involved in communications and event management for a community recycling organisation in Wales. I learnt a huge amount – from organising conferences, to managing membership, to working with business sponsors (as well as knowing my tiger worms from my earthworms as Chief Wormery officer!)

I was lucky enough to then get a job with Cornwall Wildlife Trust which brought me home and is where I learnt so much about the charity sector. I now have experience in many aspects of marketing, fundraising and staff management. I also got the chance to do practical conservation work from time to time which I loved. The science nerd is still strong in me - I love a good spreadsheet and solving problems! After having my family of twin boys and a daughter I took a break from work but have now returned on a freelance basis. When Marie gave me the opportunity to join the Two Green Magpies team to support the work of Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust I jumped at the chance. All islands are special, but the Isles of Scilly are just something else! I am delighted to be supporting IOSWT to grow their income and help them prosper for years to come.

I love: Spending time with horses and showing my kids the yucky side of nature –a badger poo full of beetle bits and blackberry seeds lights up their world!

 I hate:  How so many people have become detached from nature and their place within it.
And stepping in dog poo.

My favourite place in Scilly is:  I can’t choose!

The animal I would like to see most in the wild:  Western lowland gorilla. It’s a bit cliché but I would love to see them.