Bats are protected by law and the Trust is pleased to be able to provide a not-for-profit consultancy service to promote bat conservation in Scilly

Our ecologists hold Natural England Class II licences and currently offer the following services to developers/homeowners:

  • Primary Roost Assessment;
  • Presence and Absence Surveys;
  • Roost Characterisation Surveys;
  • European Protected Species Mitigation License (EPSML) Applications;
  • DNA analysis of droppings.

We also offer other ecology services including; Preliminary Ecological Assessments; Extended Phase 1 habitat surveys and Ecological Oversight (ecological watching brief).

There is a charge for this service (please note: as we receive no funding for this work we make a charge to cover our costs)

If you would like to appoint the Trust to carry out any of the above and would like to receive a quote, please contact:

[email protected]

For more information about bats in Scilly please read "Scilly's Special Species"

For information about the Isles of Scilly Bat Group please visit our Working in Partnership pages.