Hands up if you love Seals!?

Our charismatic Atlantic grey seals might be easy to see when you visit Scilly but they are quite secretive and there is so much we don't know about them.

Working in partnership with Cornwall Seal Group Research Trust we aim to find out more about our local celebrities.  Through surveying and monitoring and with the added extra of photo ID we'd like to be able to tell you a little more about some of our regular visiting pinnipeds and in turn ensure we have the valuable information we need to protect them.

Atlantic grey seals are a very mobile species and survey work carried out by Cornwall Seal Group Research Trust throughout Cornwall has started to uncover some fascinating stories; we're keen to add to their ever expanding database of information and find out what our Scilly seals get up to and where they go on holiday! 

Your donations will support this valuable and vital work, allowing us to dedicate the time needed and fund the boating costs required to carry out surveys.

With thanks for the use of Underwater Atlantic Grey Seal Image © Tim Allsop