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Smart Energy Islands is a smaller Project of Smart IslandsSmart Energy Islands is a smaller Project of Smart Islands

The Smart Islands programme is intended to sustainably and affordably tackle some of the Isles of Scilly’s main infrastructure and utilities issues, whilst providing a model for how other communities can profit from a rapid transition from being carbon intensive to having a low carbon footprint.

The Smart Islands Partnership (Council of the Isles of Scilly, Duchy of  Cornwall, Hitachi Europe Ltd, Islands’ Partnership & Tresco Island) programme aims to enable the transition to a low-carbon, sustainable and resilient community on the Isles of Scilly. By implementing a set of connected projects, the programme aims to cut electricity bills by 40%, meet 40% of energy demand through renewable, and see electric and low-carbon cars make up 40% of vehicles.

The Smart Energy Islands part of the programme, led by Hitachi Europe Ltd and supported by the European Regional Development Fund, is the first project to be delivered by the Smart Islands Partnership. There are 3 strands to this element of the programme; an Internet of Things platform which will monitor electricity loads in houses and businesses, as well as electric vehicles, home batteries, smart heating technologies to optimise local energy use; Business support service for energy efficient which will enable more efficient use of locally-produced energy in island businesses (the Wildlife Trust has already signed up to this support service); and rooftop solar PV systems will be installed in 100 homes and two 50kW solar gardens or equivalent will be built.

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