Manx Shearwater

Puffinus puffinus

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One of the most special seabirds to be found breeding on the Isles of Scilly, one of only two locations in England where breeding colonies can be found. As they are a species of seabird that breed in underground burrows, they are at direct risk from nest predation by rats that have established on islands from shipwrecks.

Manx Shearwater spend the majority of the day out at sea feeding, returning to their nests under the cover of darkness so as to avoid predation by predators such as the Great black-backed gull. You can hear their eerie call if you find yourself out around the coast of a night.

The Isles of Scilly Seabird Recovery Project worked hard to eradicate rats from the islands of St Agnes & Gugh, to protect our seabirds. 

St Agnes and Gugh were officially declared ‘rat free’ in 2016 and the Manx shearwaters breeding there have successfully fledged chicks for the first time in living memory as a result.  

You can see these amazing birds for yourself throughout the summer time on a number of boat trips that take you out around the islands; check out our Events & Education to find out how to join us.


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