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Wednesday 4th November 2015

Every Child Wild ~ © BareFoot PhotographerEvery Child Wild ~ © BareFoot Photographer

Here in Scilly we are extremely fortunate to have the wild and wildlife on our doorsteps and nature influencing us at our every turn. The majority of us spend large portions of the day outside, either for work or pleasure...

...we are lucky enough to hear constant bird song or the the wind rustling in the trees; see animals and birds without having to really make an effort; smell the salty tang of the sea or the gorse in the hedgerows and feel the soft sand between our toes as we walk across a beach. For many, however, this isn't the case....   


 In 1915 a child's average roaming range was 6 miles, in 2015 this has reduced to just 300 yards!

Evidence has been growing for a number of years pointing to the array of health and social benefits to be derived from contact with the natural world for all ages. However, results from a new YouGov poll, commissioned by The Wildlife Trusts, highlight the discrepancy between what parents think is best for children and what they actually experience. The Wildlife Trusts new poll shows that:

  • 91% of parents of children aged 18 and under think that having access to nature and wildlife is important for children, yet
  • 78% of parents are concerned that children don’t spend enough time interacting with nature and wildlife

In a bid to ensure every child in the UK has an opportunity to enjoy regular contact with nature, over the next year The Wildlife Trusts are inviting individuals, parents, teachers, schools and organisations to share their ideas on what needs to happen to put the wild back into childhood and make ‘every child wild’ as part of a new initiative called Every Child Wild.

The Wildlife Trusts have put together a couple of short online surveys (for parents, teachers or anyone who would like to complete them) in order to share ideas about how to reconnect children with nature at home and at school and also to gather more data.  Why not take a few minutes to share what is second nature to us and how we do it in Scilly?

To complete the short survey(s) please follow the links for parents and/or teachers.

Nationally over 50% of children have never found frogspawn in a pond in the wild and 37% of children have never seen a hedgehog.

If time is of the essence and you've only got a second why not just take a look at this very short one click survey and let us know which message inspires you (please note that currently it states that the poll closes January 2015 this is not the case it's January 2016).  

I know which one struck a chord in our office!  One Click Survey

Experience nature with your Wildlife Trust join one of our events or visit one of our nature reserves, why not even become members as a family and receive regular updates about the work we are doing? 

Join in the discussion with Every Child Wild and share your ideas and inspiration for reconnecting children with nature using #EveryChildWild on twitter, facebook and instagram. 

To read The Wildlife Trusts Full Report Every Child Wild: making nature a part of growing up please click here and be prepared for some more scary statistics!

While you're at it have a think about this question...why not let us know what your answer?

What do you think would be the most important, and effective, change that could be made to ensure that future generations grow up to love wildlife?

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